searching for our begining would lead us to death



speaking of the film.The April of 2016 is rich in new movies.Many out breaks of big films have come.Among them,”Superman VS Batman:dawn of justice ” earns most expectations.Holding curiosity and excitment,I walked into cinema for this famous movie.Next,let’s talk about this heated film.
    ”Superman VS Batman:dawn of justice ”is directed by Zack Snyder,a famous director.He has directed the previous film of Superman”Man of steel”,it is the base of “Dawn of justice”,In fact,these two films can form a contrast.”Man of steel” thinks of the good side of super heroes.They can do extrodinary things to help mankind,save man’s life.However,”Dawn of justice” thinks about the other side of the exsistence of super heroes on earth.Because Superheroes have invincible combat effectiveness and defance,meanwhile their thoughts are free,they would do harm to human more than help no matter whether they want to,for in face of such great threat,had there been suspections,would there be conflict especially military conflict.There are many famous actors and actres including Henry Cavill,playing the role of Superman;Ben Affleck,playing Batman;Gal Gadot,playing Wonder Woman,etc.Next,I will introduce you some details of the film.But no hurry,let’s take a break before we head to the topic.
So here comes the main plot.The film begins with a scene,in which superman is having a violent combat with general Zod to prevent the earth from being slaved.This scene is the end of the film”Man of steel”,in which it mainly showed how much Superman have contributed to mankind.And in the movie of”Dawn of justice”,it mainly shows how much confusions and physical destructions superman have caused.In this beginning secen,Batman Bruce Wayne is rushing hard to save his manager of economy administration from a half-destroyed building.But just as he got there superman chased general Zod into the building,with whose fight destrotyed the whole building at once and all efforts of Batman to save human life is lost.This is the original conflict between Batman and superman.Then comes the main plot.several roles are introducted to audiences in many ways including dialog,monolog,statement etc.Lex Luthor is the bad guy.He maded use of the conflict betweeen superman and batman to make up a war between Batman and Superman.You may wonder why would he want to do such a thing.Here is his own explanation:”Crazy is only what mortals call a great idea from a great man before you get to understand it.”Of course,it won’t be so simple that he only perform this as a game.Through much effort and some trics,conflict has upgraded.Lex Luthor made fake evidence of superman’s private military action in an African dessert.In fact,he meant to make superman’s girlfriend get caught by local military force,and superman has to come to save her,leaving some special bullets shot by Lex Luthor’s soldiers.And the destruction he has made during the battle with general Zod also has been advertised by him.American concil has to summon all councillors and Superman to make a trial on him.Under such circumstance,he has no choice but to take part in it.Unfortunately this is just the biggest plot Lex Luthor set for him.When he is standing in the courtyard and everyone is making comment on him,a bomb that has been prepared previously by Lex Luthor blowed up,in which of course Superman is the only survivor.This shocking news provokes everyone including Batman finally.Batman,thus rised to kill superman.So here comes most people’s wonder.How is it possile that Batman,a mortal,can kill Superman.There is no way.Batman found that Lex Luthor is searching for a falling stone.He robbed it and found that it came from Superman’s mother planet-Krypton.The composition of this alien stone can weaken and even kill Superman.He made it into several kinds of weapons.Indeed,this is also a part of Lex Luthor’s plan.Then the real fight comes.In one night,Lex Luthor told Superman that he had to kill Batman in an hour,or his mother would be executed in some place no one knows.He tried to explain all these to Batman to stop him from challenging him and help him fight against Lex Luthor instead.His efforts never worked.Thus there began a brutal combat between them.Superman used his superpower and Batman used his secret weapon made of falling stone.Finally both of them are badly wounded,in which Superman has lost all his combat effectiveness.When Batman raised his weapon,ready to kill Superman.Superman said:”Save Marsa”.Marsa is the first name of both Batman’s mother and Superman’s mother,making Batman instantly shocked.At this moment,Superman’s girlfriend rushed in and told Batman the truth and the evidence.Fortunately,two heros,one immortal,one mortal,united to fight evil.They saved Superman’s mother and broke into Lex Luthor’s laboratory together.How ever they found that Lex Luthor had turned general Zod’s body into a giant monster.they tried their best to kill it but failed.Suddenly,a mysterious new hero showed up.She is the Wonder Woman.She has very strong ability of defance and attack.The three of them helped each other and eventually killed the monster.Superman sacrificed his life to give the last shot to end that evil thing’s life,which we cannot say a good thing or a bad thing.In the end of the movie,the director left us a suspense.The Batman is making a trial with Lex Luthor,Lex Luthor told him that he had send the message to aliens,exposing the Earth’s location in universe,suggesting that the next push of the film will be about the fight against aliens.
There are many suggestions and indications in film.The first is the Batman’s dream.He dreamt of a demon coming out from his parents’ coffins.The second is a visual message delivered from the future by an unknown superhero,whoes content indicates the futural dark destiny of human. These two showed a possible plot in the next film of”Superman VS Batman” that Superman will turn against human and summon alien armies for an invasion.Human will finally be slaved by him,with only batman being able to resist him.It also proves the words of batman:”That’s how it starts.The fever,the rage,the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men cruel.”The last suggestion is the painting Lex Luthor collected:a demon coming from the sky.this will prove Lex Luthor’s words:”Devils don’t come from hell beneath us,they come from the sky.”
The suggestion of the plot and the debate on the Superman shows the objective thinkings about super things and super power.Just as Bruce Wayne has said:”He is the one that brought the war to us.Count dead,it’s thousands of people.What’s next?Millions?He has the power to wipe out the entire human race,and if we believe that there is even one percent chance he is our enemy,we have to take it as absolute certain.We have to detroy him.” The painters,the screen writers set superheroes to help human only.This film tells us that when this really happens,it’s much more possile that they will finally become our enemies rather than allies.
Although professional critics are not ideal,I still insist suggesting you to watch this film.After all this is the great battle of a mortal and an immortal.There is much to see in secen and there is much to think in thought.
Last but not least,let’s make some comments on our new Batman-Ben Afleck.Professional critics say that he performed very awful.Someone says that he had acted batman to be to silly and violent.But I would rather see it another way.The batman Christian Bale had acted previously is much younger than that in this film.Young batman has ambitions,has principles.But in the next 20 years,he had experienced too much loss,betray,disappointment.Just like Ben Afleck said in the film:”20 years,how many good men are left?”.He had felt that all his effortsin these 20 years didn’t work at all.He wanted to awaken people by sacrificing his life,but his companion’s death showed him that crime is like grass,you kill some here,it grow more there.In these 20 years,his ideal world had collapsed.What’s left is only hate and digust.So he doesn’t look handsome and effective anymore,and he will be as brutal as to torture criminals and leave the mark of bat on their bodies.So ,in fact,Ben Afleck acted Batman of this stage very well.

The central theme concerns the Titan Prometheus of Greek mythology who defies the gods and gifts humanity with fire, for which he is subjected to eternal punishment.[20] The gods want to limit their creations in case they attempt to usurp god.[52] The film deals with humanity's relationship with the gods—their creators—and the consequence of defying them.

其余的工程师观察着人类的进化过程,并在地球留下自己的痕迹,过程中发现人类的罪过,派了木匠去感化,结局是悲剧。于是在0090年左右,使用了极端手段,在类地球的军事实验室研制黑水投放地球,0098年黑水泄漏,全军覆没,独剩一名工程师逃进隔离舱。巨人计划终止后的2000年地球,weyland在2050?站在TED演讲台上表示自己就是能神,2093年,shaw和charlie发现了“神迹”,2098年prometheus号登陆巨人军事基地,开启了黑水的封印,于是造人的工程师和造仿真人的人类都被变体消灭,剩下shawn带着人造人继续追向工程师的老家, 脱胎与人类的变体具有了人形,变体去留未定,成为下集悬念。

“Further religious allusions are implied by the Engineers' decision to punish humanity with destruction 2,000 years before the events of the film. Scott suggested that an Engineer was sent to Earth to stop humanity's increasing aggression, but was crucified, implying it was Jesus Christ.”


  1. 悲剧中的happy ending
    Shaw并未找到”神”来回答她(”her questions remain unanswered and she is punished for her hubris”)。

最终在与类人的alien决战中,牺牲了自己,成为消灭alien的关键,之后具有人类ego的david,成为了最完美的 “神”,完成了巨人的心愿?


或许这就是巨人工程师反抗“神”的起因,而即使反抗,巨人工程师也有一颗殉节的心(“ Scott was interested in Greco-Roman and Aztec creation myths about gods who create man in their own image by sacrificing a piece of themselves. ”)



Human sacrifice
Human sacrifice as shown in the Codex Magliabechiano
Main article: Human sacrifice in Aztec cultureWhile human sacrifice was practiced throughout Mesoamerica, the Aztecs, if their own accounts are to be believed, brought this practice to an unprecedented level.

For example, for the reconsecration of the Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan in 1487, the Aztecs reported that they sacrificed 84,400 prisoners over the course of four days, reportedly by Ahuitzotl, the Great Speaker himself. This number, however, is not universally accepted.

Accounts by the Tlaxcaltecas, the primary enemy of the Aztecs at the time of the Spanish Conquest, show that at least some of them considered it an honor to be sacrificed. In one legend, the warrior Tlahuicole was freed by the Aztecs but eventually returned of his own volition to die in ritual sacrifice. Tlaxcala also practiced the human sacrifice of captured Aztec Citizens

角色、任务、结局: (蛇种的母亲)
Lindelof said that Prometheus is pro-science and explores if scientific knowledge and faith in God can co-exist.
 质问“神”"Who Am I? Who Made Me? Why Hath Thou ForsakenMe?"

Lindelof said that asking questions and searching for meaning is the point of being alive,…….Scott wanted the film to end with Shaw announcing that she is still searching for definitive answers.


contrasted Holloway with Shaw, and said, "she’s the believer. I’m the scientist. I’m the skeptic. I’m the atheist(无神论者)".[42]

Holloway "doesn't want to meet his maker. He wants to stand next to his maker. He's willing to go to the edge to get that."


商人Lindelof described him as having a massive ego and suffering from a god complex.
(Max von Sydow was Scott's original choice to play Weyland, but the casting of Pearce made it possible for him to portray Weyland as both an elderly character, and a younger man who appeared in an earlier script draft.)






5.david (新物种的造物主)
仆人,藐视造物主——人类(来自weyland or vikers的基因)的仿真人
"David's views on the human crew are somewhat childlike. He is jealous and arrogant because he realizes that his knowledge is all-encompassing , and therefore he is superior to the humans. David wants to be acknowledged and praised for his brilliance".

David then introduces the dark liquid to Holloway who impregnates a sterile Shaw, and the resulting child impregnates an Engineer, creating the child of all three generations


engineer ——自我献祭、普罗米修斯、黑天使(非神),
毒药的纹饰上是“garden in space”,暗示他之前的来处,

Scott was interested in Greco-Roman and Aztec creation myths about gods who create man in their own image by sacrificing a piece of themselves.

Scott likened the Engineers to the dark angels of John Milton's Paradise Lost, and said that humanity was their offspring and not God's.

human ——撒旦的后代



"gardener in space"







"因为西班牙人带来的天花 ......帝国的人口也因为各式传染病从1500万迅速下降到300万"

The Mexica made reference to at least two manifestations of the supernatural: tēōtl and tēixiptla.
Tēōtl, which the Spaniards and European scholars routinely mistranslated as "god" or "demon", referred rather to an impersonal force that permeated the world.

 Tēixiptla, by contrast, denoted the physical representations ("idols", statues and figurines) of the tēōtl as well as the human cultic activity surrounding this physical representation.

The Mexica "gods" themselves had no existence as distinct entities apart from these tēixiptla representations of tēōtl.


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